What will the impact of 2020 shifts be on the future shape of the music industry? What were the success stories behind growing numbers in streaming? How did music professionals, artists and musicians manage to stay productive and look after their mental health in a highly stressful environment? How did they stay connected with their audiences? These and other questions will be addressed in the fourth online Selector PRO professional music industry forum on 12-14 February. Forum is organized by British Council Ukraine and Music Export Ukraine.

2020 gave us the opportunity to take stock, analyse, improve and move ahead to try and shape a better and more accessible music industry for everybody. 13 music professionals from the UK shared their experience with counterparts from more than 15 countries (Western Balkans, South Caucasus, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Central Asia). They come together to participate in workshops, networking and matchmaking sessions, and panel discussions in the fourth Selector PRO professional music industry forum. In 2021 the forum took place online.

The Forum also helped participants to identify relevant business partners, by inviting them to attend focused, real-life digital networking sessions. A specially developed online digital platform helped to create matchmaking with the experts to suit the interests of participants and better present their ideas and profiles. 

February 12

12:00-13:00 Keynote session: Big music stories in 2020

Ric Salmon (UK) Yurii Bazaka (UA) Ashot Daniyelyan (UZ)

Moderators: Tom Sweet (UK) Alyona Dmukhovska (UA) Dartsya Tarkovska (UA)

2020 was tough for everyone, but innovation still shone through. These sessions give you the chance to learn about three exciting new music stories from the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Each speaker will share highlights of their activity and lift the lid on its impact and how it came into existence. These keynote sessions lift the lid on the online concerts of Nick Cave and Laura Marling, 4 editions of Ukraine's Intercity Live online festival and a collaborative project from Uzbekistan. Each expert will share insight around areas including:

  • Project conception, implementation and delivery
  • Monetization channels and partnership opportunities
  • Outcomes, including audience figures and revenue generation
  • Potential expansion into new territories
13:15-14:00 Keeping your audience engaged
14:15-14:30 Random networking
14:45-16:45 Workshop: Digital Sales
17:00-18:00 Networking: meet UK experts
19:00-20:00 Selector Live: broadcast

February 13

12:00-12:45 Consultations with sync expert

Rachel Menzies (UK)

Moderator: Alona Dmukhovska (UA)

Registration-only event. Ever wondered how to get your music on a TV show, a movie or a commercial? Contacts go a long way, but ultimately it still comes down to the music. This session will give you the chance for feedback on your music from a British sync expert. Make sure you reserve a seat for a consultation and submit your music in advance via our registration form.

Submit your song here:

13:00-13:45 Making money in 2021. What are the options?
14:00-14:45 Open talk: Mental health in the music industry
15:00-15:30 Random networking
16:00-16:45 Environmental sustainability of the music industry
16:30-18:30 Matchmaking for music industry