What artist is “export ready”?

Check your music project before submitting it to MEU.
There is a number of criteria that artist must meet in order to become export ready. The artist should have TWO or more of the following:

• A manager with an international network
• An international agent
• A publishing deal
• A growing momentum (industry/media buzz)
• Publicity in influential international media
• Proven interest from international events/festivals/venues
• International distribution through established channels
• A label with focus on export and intentions of working internationally 
• A professional set up (manager, label, agent, etc) for domestic market

Artist also needs to have an online porfolio:

• Social media ready (Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, profile on streaming services, YouTube channel, website)
• Your press-pack(EPK) ready: 3-5 nice photos, links to live performance, 1-2 links to singles, press release in your native language and in English, quotes from media about your music, everything available with the link.
• Contacts of you manager/tour manager
If you consider yourself as an export-ready artist and you need our support creating the export-oriented strategy, please reach us at info@musicexportukraine.com