Online music conferences 2020


Mastering the Music Business is a key event in the Romanian music industry. In 2020, it took place in a digital format.  Dartsya Tarkovska (MEU co-founder) together with Jack Peter Åstedt (Future Echoes, SE) and Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (IMMF, UK) took place in an online panel discussion "One crisis to unite us all" to discuss their perspectives on further development of the industry. 

Vienna Music Business Research Days brings together scholars from all disciplines and interested music business professionals in Vienna every year in order to present their findings and exchange ideas about it. As a part of the online program, there was a panel dedicated to Eastern European markets - Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. Dartsya Tarkovska (MEU co-founder) prepared a presentation with the overview of Ukrainian recording market followed up by a discussion (starting in the video at 5:22:07).

Mundial Montreal is an annual gathering of professionals in the world music industry, being North America’s leading industry showcase 100% dedicated to world music. With the support of URGNT Slavic Music Meet, Dartsya Tarkovska (MEU co-founder) was a part of its digital delegation.

Slavik music meet is a one day international showcase summit focussed entirely on Eastern European music. We have been able to pull together an incredible lineup of artists, an international round table, and a keynote from a visionary producer and artistic director running one of the most successful conferences on the planet.

As a part of the program, Alona Dmukhovska (MEU co-founder) participated in an international round table "Wild East". Alona was joined by Terje Trochynskyj (Music Estonia, Tallinn), Anna Masatova (Nouvelle Prague, Prague), Tamara Kaminska (Music Export Poland), Balasz Weyer (Hangveto, Budapest), Eric Stein (Ashkenaz Festival / Foundation, Toronto), Ken Carlson (Arts Midwest, USA), Derek Andrews (Mundial Montreal).