Waves Vienna 2020. Austria

For the first time in its history, Ukraine was chosen as a focus country of the 10th edition of Waves Vienna.  Due to COVID-19 pandemic the showcase took place in the hybrid format, but it led to a massive representation of Ukrainan artists and music industry experts. 
We were delighted to have Dakh Daughters, Tse Sho, Fo Sho, Tik Tu, Krapka;Koma, and The Castle represented on the virtual showcase. As a part of the conference, there was a separate discussion panel and networking session to highlight Ukrainian music industry.
Ukrainian representation at Waves Vienna took place as a result of cooperation Music Export Ukraine with Ukrainian Institute in terms of Extra Sound program.
Ukrainian delegation consisted of Alex Bondarenko (Liroom music media), Grigorii Fatianov (Masterskaya label), Katya Maliukova (Ivan Dorn management), Valeria Perkova (Aristocrats.fm online radio), Ivan Talaichuk (Pibox startup), Sergii Maletskii (H2D concert agency). You can see the recorded discussion here.

As a young country Ukraine has been through a lot. The “make new out of old” motto will probably approach its climax in the coming years and could become the new breath of fresh air from ethnic, almost spiritual music and futuristic electro production (The Gap)

FO SHO’s lyrics tackle uneasy subjects like image and freedom of expression, while also challenging the nature of art. They spit like cars revving up and rocketing off at full speed, and then they’re the epitome of calmness. In short, they deserve all the praise they receive. (Europavox)