MEU has joined the network of the European export offices

MEU has joined the network of the European export offices

The Ukrainian independent music initiative Music Export Ukraine has become a member of the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE), the only association on the continent that works to bring European music markets together and share experiences.

Last year, this initiative conducted a large-scale study of the music sector in 24 European countries. It also acts as an advisory body to the international governmental institutions on sector development strategies, and provides access to international markets for thousands of local artists. EMEE brings together both established music offices such as the French LE BUREAU EXPORT or the Dutch Buma Kultuur, as well as independent associations. Music Export Ukraine became the first organization from the Eastern Partnership countries to join this European network.

Why is it important to be a part of EMEE and what does it bring to Ukrainian music?

  • Music Export Ukraine now has the right to vote in the European Moves Europe Talent Awards and can nominate Ukrainian artists (the past winners of this award are Sigrid, Flohio, 5K HD, Naaz, etc);
  • The network can help represent the interests of the Ukrainian music market to European and international institutions in matters of music export;
  • Ukrainian representatives will have access to best practices of the European market, will be able to organize joint projects with other export offices and initiatives;
  • We will have access to the database of national and international contacts in the music field;
  • MEU will become a contact center for foreign organizations that want to work with the Ukrainian market.

“We are very happy to finally join such a powerful network, as we have been waiting for the decision for almost six months. Accepting new organizations into the network is a matter that is put to the vote. Potential members should be recommended by one of the current participants. We are very pleased that throughout several years of work we have gathered a good portfolio of joint projects with other export offices and that they evaluated our potential this high," - say the co-founders of Music Export Ukraine Aliona Dmuhovska and Dartsya Tarkovska.