Waves Vienna 2021. Austria


2021 was pretty unpredictable in terms of traveling, but still, we made it & managed to make some noise on Waves Vienna, that was a BLAST!


We had an amazing and super-busy time at the Austrian showcase festival which included...

From the artists’ point of view, that was a truly fantastic opportunity to showcase themselves on an international level and gather useful contacts for future European activities. By the way, rumor has it that The Unsleeping band had the most creative & hilarious ‘business cards’ at the festival. From the viewer’s perspective, besides great live shows, conferences were also worth watching - almost 5 thousand viewers watched Waves Festival Conference 2021 on Youtube, including our Gen Y panel. We are showcasing Ukrainian music in Vienna for the third year in a row and it's great to see how things are rolling, onwards and upwards! 

All of these activities were a part of Extra Sound programme, developed by Ukrainian Institute in partnership with House of Europe. It is our pleasure to be partners of the program and have ability to show some amazing Ukrainian music to the world!

P.S. Thanks for amazing photos to Patrick Münnich

The Ukrainian punk band The Unsleeping blew the roof of Wuk last night driving the fans 100% crazy. The band came to Austria to perform at the showcase festival Waves Vienna which happens every year in the month of September (Stay Rock Brazil)