MEU policy

  1. General terms
    1. Music Export Ukraine (MEU) is an independent initiative created to present Ukrainian non-academic music abroad.
    2. Areas of activity of the MEU (include, but are not limited to):
      1. Initiation and implementation of projects aimed to strengthen international connections in the music industry and present Ukrainian artists abroad (showcase festivals, capacity building projects, educational initiatives, exchange programs, media campaigns, etc)
      2. Cooperation with state institutions, international funds, public initiatives, etc, to promote the development of the music industry of Ukraine.
      3. Organisation of professional events for the development of international B2B relations (music conferences, networking meetings, working groups, etc).
      4. Participation in the development of national and international cultural policies related to the music industry.
      5. Cooperation with foreign representatives of the music industry (artist managers, festival bookers, journalists, radio pluggers, etc.)
      6. Creation of informational materials to present the Ukrainian music scene abroad.
      7. Consulting artists about the development of their international career.
    3. Project activities are planned and updated by the MEU team on a quarterly basis.
    4. Approved projects are implemented by the current MEU team according to assigned responsibilities. If necessary, MEU has the right to involve independent contractors, partners and volunteers in the implementation of the project.
    5. The detailed principles of the MEU's existence and work are recorded in the organisation's charter.
  2. Principles of cooperation with artists
    1. MEU's activity is related to Ukrainian export-oriented artists. Criteria for evaluating artists can be found on the website.
    2. MEU reserves the right to depart from the export criteria, responding to foreign requests or the specifics of individual projects.
    3. MEU does not have an exclusive list of Ukrainian artists for systematic cooperation. Artists are identified individually for each project in accordance with its requirements.
    4. The list of artists listed on the MEU website records the historical interaction with them within the specified projects.
    5. During cooperation with the artist, the MEU representative undertakes to explain to them the principles of cooperation, rights and obligations to obtain an optimal result.
    6. During and after the end of project cooperation with MEU, artists are solely responsible for their legal activities, taxes payment, honest use of the provided information and management of creative works, unless otherwise provided by the specifics of the projects.
    7. MEU does not take care of the systematic development of individual artists, does not engage in exclusive booking, promotions, and music release of artists.
  3. Principles of work during the russian war in Ukraine
    1. From February 24, 2022, MEU expanded its work taking into account the state of war in Ukraine and the needs of Ukrainian artists whose professional activities were affected by the war. This includes, in particular, the provision of institutional support to artists, adaptation of program activities, and cooperation with charitable organisations.
    2. In its work, the MEU calls on European partners to refrain from cooperation with representatives of the russian music industry and to make a conscious choice to support the Ukrainian music industry:
      1. invite more Ukrainian artists to musical events,
      2. provide space for posting informational materials about the war in Ukraine and the possibility of assistance
      3. facilitate the organisation of press conferences, broadcasts on radio and television, round tables, panel discussions, public meetings with the aim of truthful coverage of events in Ukraine.
    3. The MEU team does not participate in international projects that involve direct interaction or the creation of joint content with representatives of the russian federation.
    4. The MEU does not cooperate with foreign organisations that support the narrative of colonialism against Ukraine, distort or silence the truth about Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, use pacifist appeals "for peace" to justify their anti-Ukrainian activities.